lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

My personal  experience using blogs in the english class of the university was really good, I thin that is funny write in english, and is more easy than speak in english for example. Before of write you can think about the topic and the words that you want to use, but when you have to speak is not time to think too much.
In the university I improve in my english writing, and I know that because now this don´t take me so much time, obviously I have some errors in my writing, sometimes a lots of errors.
I think that I need improve my vocabulary and expand it, because a lot of times I forget the words and I have that recourse to some page of translation, but I try to don´t use it to much, and remember the word or maybe look for other way to say the phrase that I want to say. I plan improve in this aspect, listening to music in english, and watching movies in the same language, I think that this is a good way to learn more words and learn to hear.
In the future I would like know all about the english, but specially I would like speak fluidly, and know all the words that I want say, also I would like know perfectly the conjugations of the verbs, and I think that write in english is an a good form of practice and learn.
I would like write about my career, could give more detailed information about it, and explain more things, but I think that for this I need know more words.

lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

I say that this year was an exellent year, of course that had bad things, but those are details that always happens.
In first place,the good points of  this year: I had very much time to do different things, to be with my family or spend time with my friends . Also I had time to do anything and watched movies and this is always important to me. Also, I had time to can work in a restaurant on saturdays, A very relax work, because I just work four hours during the day.
Was a great year, full of new experinces and new work.
All this time that I had was thanks to that I didn´t have Taller, so I had beautiful and free time for all my things!
The bad point is that I miss to my friends, my originals classmates, I miss the moral support of them.
Other bad point is that I feel that I lost the rhythm of work, so now I´m afraid of the next year and all the thing that I will have to do it.
I think that I got used to be lazy and these is the worst part,  !!
However, I just take the good thing about this year.Was great meet new people and learn new things.
I don´t want that this year finish, but lack just two months and a little more to the end!
I just hope that 2015 will be a great year to, without problems and stress.

lunes, 13 de octubre de 2014

I agree with the use of drugs in a medical context, as well as recreational. I think that is choice of oneself the recourse to drugs or not. Personally, I think that cannabis (which is the most commonly used drug for both purposes) is effective, I say this because one of my aunts started to consume it to reduce the pain caused by a hernia in her back. She did not agree with the use of any drugs, but to take it she noted that actually worked, so she started to consume regularly. I think at least I'm not in a position to criticize anyone, for example, I've never had cancer or a chronic illness, I don't know the intensity of the pain that people must feel, but I know that if I were in this place, I seek other alternatives, instead of chemotherapy or other conventional medical procedures. I thins that appeal to the benefits that a plant can be deliver is valid as any other medicine, as good as take a chamomile tea for stomach pain.
As for recreational drug use, not only considering cannabis, I think there are very ugly and dangerous drugs, such as the krokodil (hahaja), heroin and cocaine. Of course, not all drugs have medicinal properties, some can get extremely dangerous, changing the conduct of people . I really surprised that there are people who consume them.
As regards cannabis or LSD, I agree that even alcohol is more dangerous and harmful to the body, but well, each person decides what they want to consume.

lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

The only extreme situation that I experienced, was few year ago, when I was 16 years old.My best friend called Valentina invited me to past the holidays in the south of Chile, places like Pucon, Villarrica. Obviously in this times I asked to my parents, and they said yes. All the experience was very funny, almost, in this years I did not know this places,  everything was new for me. I met different lakes, the typical artisan fairs and once of the most beautiful places around Pucon called "ojos del caburga".
Everything was fine, until came the moment to go.
Before of travel to Santiago, we would pass a night in Coronel, but when we came in Chillán the mom of my friend did not see a truck on the road, so we crashed (just me, my friend, her mom and her grandmother, because the men were in other car in the corner).
This moment was horrible,  everybody cried and screamed. Me and my friend just suffered a bump on the head, but her grandma was a broken vein ( it was dramatically swollen), I was so sad about her, because she just cry, and said that everything was her fault.
The persons of the truck suffered more damages, because the truck turned over, and the people had different lessons, like fracture os the clavicular bone, or thing like that.
After that, and the corresponding radiographs, everybody is ok, the only consequence that last a few days, was the fear that I felt when I was in a car, but this has passed.

lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2014

When I chose my career, the first thing that I thought was “that´s great, I wouldn´t work in an office every day for the rest of my life, in this time it was de most important point, but now I understand other things. Be a theater designer means working a lot, many hours during the day depending of the project obviously.
I don´t know yet in which area of design I will work, but I know that I should be a working , selfless and autonomous person, because in the theater there aren´t specific hours to building scenography projects or costumes, for example, just there that get all ready in a determinate time.
I think that in a moment all of us want be our own boss, but this may not always be possible, but this don´t care me, I am concerned about the time that I will be able to spend with my family or in my personal projects.
I just hope that my future job was stable, this is my principal fear in this moment of my life, when I get this, I could start to worry by other things like the hours, the family or who will be my boss .
I also hope, that this job will let me travel and meet new people!

lunes, 25 de agosto de 2014

I just went to one concert in my life to date, I don´t know why, but i think that I don´t like enough any band or singer. I don´t have a favorite band for who die of fanaticism, but all was different until some years ago. When I was an adolescent I loved a singer called "Morodo" he is a singer of reggae music. Were those times when I copied everything to my older sister, she loves Morodo, so I loved him also.
I listened his songs all day, and I knew all the lyrics , so when my sister told me that he would come to Chile I was really happy!We bought the tickets and some friends of my sister went with us.It was a great experience, I could sing and dance all his songs, it was very funny .The concert  was in “Teatro Caupolicán”. I remember that was very difficult back to home, the time waiting the bus and the route were eternal for me.What ever, I don´t know if some time I will to go to other concert, I hope so. 

lunes, 18 de agosto de 2014

My plans after graduating are not so clear yet, of course that I have a lot of dreams and projections in my life, but specifically my professionals plans are not defined today.
I think that I could study something with electricity or something like that, the point is that I would like be a maker more than a designer. I would like acquire more technical knowledges after graduating and get a stable job.
In other aspects of my life, I would like save money to get my own house and can travel a lot.
I ´m not hurry about leave the house of my parents, I know that some day I have to do it, but I get time yet and I know that they never could thrown me out , so I can travel with my money in the beginning.
I don´t have plans about get married or kids ( Got forbirds!), I always say that I´m the spinster of the family, but my mom always says me that the people that say things like that are the first victims to fall ... but I don´t think so