jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014

Hi everybody ! My name is Flavia Catalina , but the majority of the people just call me "Fla" because is easier and a short name.I was born in twenty-five of August 1993. I´m Virgo so I am a very sensitive person and I tend to cry for a lot of situations.
When I was a child I studies in a very small school called "Canadá", the people in this place was very nice with me but, after when I was younger I went to a school called "Palmarés", but I´m never felt at home in this place.
In the present I study theatre design in the Arts faculty of the Universidad de Chile, is very interesting career, is funny too, but sometimes it can be very difficult, it takes a lot of time in the homeworks, and I have to read a lot of texts too.
I can tell you about my family too.I live in a house in Quilicura, with my parents and my sister.She is my older sister and study architecture, so sometimes she can help me in my homeworks, to make scale models for example or plans.
I don´t have a specific hobbie, I don´t practice any sport or something, but a like to listen different kind of music when I´m alone.