lunes, 18 de agosto de 2014

My plans after graduating are not so clear yet, of course that I have a lot of dreams and projections in my life, but specifically my professionals plans are not defined today.
I think that I could study something with electricity or something like that, the point is that I would like be a maker more than a designer. I would like acquire more technical knowledges after graduating and get a stable job.
In other aspects of my life, I would like save money to get my own house and can travel a lot.
I ´m not hurry about leave the house of my parents, I know that some day I have to do it, but I get time yet and I know that they never could thrown me out , so I can travel with my money in the beginning.
I don´t have plans about get married or kids ( Got forbirds!), I always say that I´m the spinster of the family, but my mom always says me that the people that say things like that are the first victims to fall ... but I don´t think so

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  1. I think that the best thing that you can do is get specialized on something related to technical knowledge, you would be famous and everybody would ask you for help, because now if just a few people that know those things!